Dreamhawk Productions selects only the best talent from around the world to entertain your guest. We offer and array of entertainment options. You name it, we got it, and if we don't have it, we'll create it. You can count on us for all of your entertainment needs.








Atmosphere Talent

The right atmosphere talent can bring your show to life. Our talented performers perform a range of duties that include walking around in themed costumes, greeting your guest, posing for photo opportunities and motivating your guest to get up and party. Some perform active roles while at other times they're just paid to sit there and look pretty. With regard to your specific needs, we add just the atmospheric elements to compliment your event needs.


  • ..Air Brush T-Shirts
  • ..Atmosphere Dancers
  • ..Balloon Twister
  • ..Body Builders
  • ..Body Painter
  • ..Caricaturist
  • ..Celebrity Look-A-Likes
  • ..Clowns
  • ..Costumed Characters
  • ..Face Painter
  • ..Fortune Teller
  • ..Gogo Dancers
  • ..Human Statues
  • ..Hypnotist
  • ..Illusionist
  • ..Juggler
  • ..Magician
  • ..Mentalist
  • ..Mimes
  • ..Psychic
  • ..Santa Claus
  • ..Stilt Walker
  • ..Temporary Tattoos
  • ..Theatrical Actors

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Aerial & Specialty Acts

Have you wanted a circus theme or a cirque-style performance? We have a talented list of specialty acts available for any event. Utilize them for walk-around talent or let them really show off their skills as a separate act or within a stage show production. No matter what your audience has experienced before, your group will be left breathless when they're face to face with some of the best performers in the industry. These international performers have dedicated their lives to their art and will provide a mesmerizing display of acrobatic dexterity and fluidity that will make you wonder: "how in the world did they do that!?" They are truly superb headliners in their own right for corporate events, parties, and so much more.

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Dreamhawk Productions has some of the best live bands in town! They know how to create the perfect low-key ambiance for dinner while also being able to crank up the energy once the real fun is ready to begin. Our list of bands spans every genre including: dance tunes, oldies, country, Top 40, and much much more. If you're looking for an international flair, we can provide your event with a Steel drum band, Mariachi, Hawaiian band, or even a Polka band! Regardless of the international theme of your event, we can get them for you! Would you like to book a headliner band, but it's not in your budget? Don't worry! A tribute band is just what you need for your event. From the Beatles to Aerosmith tribute bands, we've got them all!


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Need a specific look or flair for your bartending staff? Dreamhawk Productions has just the options you've been looking for. There's nothing wrong with having a little eye-candy for your event which is why we offer models who bartend to give you top-notch service and a friendly attitude. And should you desire a little FLAIR, we have some of the top flair bartenders in town. Not only are they there to serve you drinks, but also to add the element of entertainment as they flip, balance, and juggle bottles throughout the entire event. Both of these bartending options can be dressed up to fit your theme. No matter which way you cut it, it's a 2 for 1 special for both visual appeal and service.

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Body Painting

Dreamhawk Productions can create an atmosphere of excitement and awe with body painting. Whether you're taking part or just watching, this transformation is always a source of irresistible intrigue. The audience will be mesmerized as they're caught up in a fascinating new world. We can decorate your guests or use our male and female models. We produce minimal but striking designs quickly and the decorative colors give the final touches to each outfit.

Designs can be custom themed to your event. It's at our client's discretion of how much of the model's skin they want visible to their guest. You set the tone you want for the event and we'll bring the art to match.


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Break Dancers

Performed as an act or as atmosphere on the dance floor, Dreamhawk Productions hires some of nation's best B-Boys for your event. Your guest will be astounded by the athleticism, flexibility, strength, and talent of these dance crews. They give every performance 110% and are passionate to show the true skills of a top-notch break dancing crew.

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Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Want your guests to mingle with Cher? How about having Prince perform at your next dinner party? Well if you know it's not affordable, then you should hire Celebrity Impersonators and Look-A-likes to spice up your event, it's the next best thing.

Most impersonators provide the triple threat of uncanny looks, movement and voice to match. Performers who call themselves lookalikes, however, are typically a celebrity double visually only. Tribute Artists may not have the exact look, but their act aims more at paying tribute to the show and essence of the original artist or celebrity. You can book them as walk around talent or to perform a live show with a band and dancers. The possibilities are endless.

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If you've ever been to a standup comedy club then you know how much a good comedian can liven up the party! There are many types of comedians at your disposal. These include comedians that do improv, impressions, musical numbers, political impersonations, hypnotists, and motivational comedians. We also provide “clean comedians” (also known as a family-friendly comic) who avoid offensive material and profanity.

We can also provide a “customized comedy routine” where comedians write jokes tailored to your event or topic. Comedians are often hired to perform at colleges, corporations, festivals, resorts, and on cruise ships. You may also consider hiring a comedian to be the MC of your awards banquet, product launch, or trade show booth.

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Want the ultimate in fun & flexibility for your event? Dreamhawk Productions has an extensive list of DJs that will assure that you'll hear all of your favorite songs, plus act as emcee for your event. From keeping everybody on the dance floor to incorporating fun and games into your event or party; our DJs keep your event moving forward by engaging and entertaining the crowd in between activities. Should you have the need we can also provide DJs that speak Spanish.

We also provide Karaoke DJs who not only play the accompaniment music, but also encourages the audience to participate, provide a song list to choose from, organizes the order in which singers will perform, and assists with contests and festivities. Ask us about “Rock Star Karaoke” where your guest can perform their songs with a live band and backup singers. It's a brand new twist that will be sure to make your guests feel like a star!

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Extreme Sports

Yes, even sports can be entertainment. We have a talented team of BMX bikers, motocross racers, skateboarders, and inline skaters at our disposal that perform feats that will wow your guest. Don't let these daredevils fool you, they are also artistic and will prove this as they perform these amazing stunts choreographed to music. Watch them soar, flip, and do death-defying tricks in the air, all while your audience is on the edge of their seats in suspense. It's a spectacular show for the thrill seeker in you.

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Fire Acts

Truly a sight to behold, fire dancing enchants audiences young and old. Typically associated with tropical cultures such as those found in Hawaii and Polynesia, fire dancers display an arsenal of tools to showcase their skills and wow the audience. Using wick-equipped batons, chains, knives, and hoops, fire dancers ignite the apparatus then perform acrobatics mixed with gymnastic and dance moves… all while twirling balls of flame.

The shapes and illusions a fire dancer creates with their flame can be quite captivating. Our fire eaters captivate with their amazing endurance to heat as they extinguish flames with their mouth and transfer flames from one body part to another. You won't have to go all the way to Hawaii to find professional fire dancers. We'll bring them to your doorstep. All performance includes fire permits, venue approval, and liability insurance.


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Games & Team Building

Dreamhawk Productions also offers another form of entertainment, interactive and team-building games. We have a large list of games fitting any theme for indoor or outdoor events. From carnival games, rock walls, and bounce houses, to casino tables, arcade games and mechanical bulls.

We have a smorgasbord of activities to keep your guests happily busy. We even have a Trivia Game Show set with interactive podiums that keep score and light-up with sound effects. We can personalize games to your event needs, and provide you with a friendly energetic staff to keep your guest safe and entertained. We also offer Team Building activities for those looking to develop better relationships within their organization. Our Team Building facilitators keep the games moving and the players involved. Strengthen your team by working together in fun and unconventional ways!


  • ..Air Hockey Tables
  • ..Arcade Games
  • ..Bounce Houses
  • ..Carnival Games
  • ..Casino Tables
  • ..Dance Revolution
  • ..Dancing Heads
  • ..Dunk Tank
  • ..Hay Rides
  • ..Jousting
  • ..Mechanical Bull
  • ..Petting Zoo
  • ..Pool Tables
  • ..Rock Walls
  • ..Sumo Wrestling
  • ..Team Building

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Dreamhawk Productions can contract and book headliner entertainment across the nation while making the entire booking process run smoothly from start to finish. As an experienced buyer, we'll save you time, money, and lots of frustration. Most agents prefer to work with professional talent buyers and the experts at Dreamhawk Productions will get you a fair price for the artist and also take care of the logistics and coordination involved to make your show a success!

We do all the work so you can concentrate on the business at hand.
•We make sure all rider items are met
•We create production schedules
•We work with ground and air transportation to set up performers' arrival and departure
•We work with the performance venue on staging, power requirements, backline equipment, load-in, and sound checks.
•We take care of all necessary badges, back stage passes, all access badges, etc.

With routed dates, proper budget preparation, and expert logistical planning, we save you money and the headache of trying to manage these things yourself.

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International Dancers

Planning an event with an exotic flair? We have a multitude of dancers of all backgrounds and specialties that will put that final stamp of authenticity on the entire experience. Once your guests enter they'll forget all about the droll of everyday life as they're completely transported to paradise.

  • ..African Dancers & Acrobats
  • ..Belly Dancers
  • ..Bollywood Dancers
  • ..Capoeira
  • ..Chinese Acrobats
  • ..Egyptian Dancers
  • ..Fire Dancers
  • ..Flamenco Dancers
  • ..Hawaiian Dancers
  • ..Irish Dancers
  • ..Latin Dancers
  • ..Middle Eastern Daners
  • ..Polka Dancers
  • ..Polynesian Dancers
  • ..Russian Dancers
  • ..Salsa Dancers


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Our whimsical and mystifying magicians can bring life to any atmosphere. To fit the needs of our clients, magicians can be hired either as a strolling talent for smaller more intimate audiences (they go from table to table performing sleight of hand tricks using playing cards, coins and other small objects). They can also be used for Small Cabaret Stage Magic, which is usually performed and supplemented with comedy, music, and audience participation. A third option would be for a Grand Illusion Magic Show performed on larger stages, featuring more elaborate magic acts, pyro, and sometimes dancing assistants.

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Treat your guest to something special and kneed their worries away. Our corporate chair massages and pool-side table massages are just what the doctor ordered. Dressed in either corporate friendly uniforms or in the theme of your event, these professional massage therapists take on the role and the character most fitting. If you had an Egyptian theme, your guests could feel like royalty being massaged by the Nile River. Massages are great elements to add to events and it shows your appreciation for your guest or employee's hard work and dedication.

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Dreamhawk Productions books models not only locally, but nationally and internationally. We give our clients high-end fashion models for every event needed. From Exhibit halls, Trade Shows, and Fashion Shows to Print Work and Commercial use… we have the looks that can truly sell a product.


We've earned a rightful spot at the upper echelons of the fashion industry. Our staff and models bring a wealth of fashion savvy and experience that has proven to be very lucrative indeed. We do the utmost to anticipate trends early so when the time comes to look for models, we have already created the desired look they've been searching for.


Working with clients such as Leg Avenue and Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino has provided us with a clientele with very diverse needs but we have met the challenge time and time again with some of the hottest, most trendy, and let's not forget, dependable models in town. Book the perfect models for your next event or media project with Dreamhawk Models.


visit www.dreamhawkmodels.com



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If you're not in the market for a big band and prefer something a little more quaint, our musicians include solo pianists, harpists, guitarists, jazz and classical duos, trios, and quartets. It is the ideal solution for those smaller intimate events.

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Speaker / MC

The primary function of our speakers/mc is to keep your event moving while also being fun, motivational, engaging, inspiring, informative and entertaining. Sometimes finding qualified professionals can be harder than you think but we have an extensive list of speakers that will fit just right.

From Auctioneers, MCs, and Toast Masters to Celebrity Speakers, Keynote Speakers, and Motivational Speakers… we have them all! These speakers are an excellent way to enlighten and entertain your corporate crowd. There are speakers for every topic imaginable. With humor and professionalism, our speakers can have a profound impact on your teams and departments. Want to increase sales? Need to improve customer service? Struggling with creativity? Ideas can flow more readily when your group laughs and learns with motivational speakers leading the way.


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